Walking on the fringe

JF London-sole

I’ve always had a thing for fringe.

Maybe because I loved what the Native Americans wore in movies, all those clothes worth fringes resembling their long sleek hair. I even wanted a teepee (still do).

Or because they move and dance as I walk (or dance).

My mom sewed fringes on the sides of a pair of jeans when I was 19 and going to fashion school. It took me ages to look for the perfect suede jacket with fringes, only to be disappointed at not finding the sketch I had in my mind.

But I did find fringed boots over the past couple of years: Ash suede booties (2013), Galeries Lafayette grey boots from (2013), Sam Edelman nude booties (2014), Jellypop cowboy boots (2015).

And one fine day, I saw THIS by JF London. Oh my haute!

JF London fringe

It is the perfect shape and cut, falling right on the ankle, and of course it has fringes. And the soles make it even more haute – light pink with a metal star, the brand’s logo. So Eighties. In fact, Italian designer Joshua Fenu’s influences vary from David Bowie to Eighties culture. (More on him in another post)

So perfect to walk the haute walk.

Photos: JF London

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