About Moi

Hi, it’s Moi and I’m a shoeholic… And chocoholic.

While most little girls love brides and especially their dresses, I never got into it; I thought the dresses looked like meringues and, even worse, they were paired with white shoes. I’d figured out even then that white stilletos didn’t go with anything else. They were so unlike Cinderella’s glass slippers, which gave her princess gown such an interesting, modern twist. Maybe that’s why she was my favorite fairy tale princess, which may explain my love of shoes.

But what I loved most were my mom’s pink feathered mules. I used to try them on all the time, before graduating to her closet (when she wasn’t looking!). I haven’t grown up to become Imelda Marcos, but I do so love shoes. As much as chocolate. And a fresh baguette. Especially high heels. Towering heels. Yes, like many women, I’ve messed up my feet so I’m also grateful for ballerina BB flats.

As for the professional moi, I’m a writer and girl on film. I also attended a design school in Paris, interned at Dior and Galeries Lafayette, and still have some of my shoes sketches. (Some are very psychedelic grooviness-meets-futuristic femme fatale!)

Put some heels on and walk on in. And bring some chocolate with you. Dark. Merci.


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