Paris will always be haute

Miss Eiffel

November 13, 16h34.

I took this photo on my way to Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality event to see catch a glimpse of Duran Duran (inside that bubble thing that you see below the tower in the distance).

This is the last innocent image I have of Mademoiselle Eiffel; five hours later Paris and consequently the world changed forever. The second shift I’ve experienced, the first one being on 9/11.

I can’t even think about shoes right now. There are so many shoes that will never be filled again.

 Many acquaintances were among the victims at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, as well as my dear friend Guillaume B. Decherf, a rock journalist and father of two little girls.

I’m in shock, I’m sad, I’m angry and I’m afraid of the bleak future this fucked up world holds for us.

Paris will never be quite the same again.

My thoughts remain with all the victims and their loved ones. Godspeed.

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