Elle est impossible, cette parisienne


“Drats, Louboutomized at the farmer’s market.”

Being parisienne is an art. There are countless how-to books, analyses on the so-called French exception, fashion articles ooh-ing and oh lala-ing, bloggers attempting to capture the magical formula for her allure, that secret essence of chic. (Oh gosh, I sound like a sequel to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.)  She is a particular breed, la parisienne; every other female on the planet emulates her. She is considered to be elegance incarnate, envied for her thinness despite stuffing her face with éclairs and Ladurée macarons, deemed to be a fashion spread on legs and, above all, each parisienne would qualify to helm Vogue.

And the French are well aware of this arm of mass fascination. The parisienne continues to be an endless source of inspiration much like that other tourist attraction — and perhaps ultimate parisienne — the Eiffel Tower.


“I’m not shiny just for 5 minutes per day, but all night!”

Antoine Kruk captures her essence in a series of humorous and stylized — bien sûr — illustrations. Currently on show at the Arludik gallery in Paris, L’Impossible Parisienne is a homage to both the city and what makes its female residents so unique. From fashionista to a sort of Catwoman wrapped around La Tour Eiffel in various feline poses, Impossible Parisienne is “devoted to a single line of elegance,” says the French-Japanese designer and artist.

Many of the artworks are also available for purchase at Arludik. See the full catalog here.

Impossible Parisienne by Antoine Kruk, until February 28, 2015 at Arludik, 12-14 rue Saint-Louis-en-L’Ile, Paris 4th. www.arludik.com

Illustrations courtesy of Antoine Kruk / Arludik. All rights reserved.

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