Charlotte (Sometimes) is Cinderella

If I write another post on Cinderella’s new luxury footwear, I’ll either be hired as her publicist or have a glass slipper hurled at me. But with a live-action film coming out this spring and designers all courting her, her shoe closet is increasing even as I type this.

After nine designers reinterpreted her iconic glass slipper, Charlotte Olympia just launched her own Cinderella capsule collection. The line features two evening purses and two pairs of heels, including a glass slipper called If The Shoe Fits! The PVC and perspex shoe is modern while the princess pump, Happily Ever After, dressed in blue satin and Swarovski crystals, is more classic. I like the idea of Cindy being a bit of a baddie. I mean, she did disobey orders and go to the ball, right?

Her Pumpkin Pouch is cute and can hold girlie essentials like lipstick and keys, but with the Time Piece, she needn’t be worried about her carriage turning into the giant orange Halloween vegetable. Time Piece is an elegant plexi box with Swarovski details and a shoe clasp. Its best feature (besides the clasp), however, is the clock that is permanently frozen at 11:59pm. So Cinderella can dance the night away.

P.S. Hope you caught The Cure reference in my title!


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